The Last Reign of the Technomancer


Welcome to the land of Dothferin, a world where all are involved in a race. A race against time and each other.

More than a thousand years ago, it is said, the great city of Doth Fer Arin stood in the center of the continent, a shining jewel, a testament to humankind’s conquering of the world around them. The Dothi King, now only known as the Last Technomancer, had mastered the art of blending magic and science. It is said that he commanded standing armies of thousands of golems, constructs and animated mechanical horrors beyond imagination. His human troops were armed with weapons, infused with magical properties and capabilities, that were far more powerful and advanced than the simple black powder weapons of today.

But as with most things, great and powerful, the Dothi King would not be satisfied with the limits of his power. He wanted more. Inevitably, however, he reached too far and brought down upon himself and the majority of his kingdom, catastrophic destruction. It is not known what he was attempting to do or what mythical power or magic he attempted to call upon but the result is the great blight that covers the center of Dothferin, known as The Red Storm.

Of course, this could all be just myth and story. No being, in the thousand years that have passed, has been able to survive more than an hour or two within the Storm’s churning magical violence and raging sands to reach the resting place of the once mighty city. Not one.

But now things have grown dire. The Storm is expanding, growing in size and violence and a mad scramble has begun to find a way to halt the advance before it consumes the whole of the known world. The leaders of the three kingdoms are bending their every thought and effort to find a way to halt it at the source or to slow it down from the outside. The Humans, the Dearwyn Dwarves and the Skyreach Orcs that form the Gulani Protectorate, the Council that rules from the Seat of the Triumvirate, and even the loose alliance of Humans, Elves, Trolls and Lizardfolk of the Rathi Wilds have begun to try to work together for the first time in remembered history.

But not all the great minds and powers of Dothferin are of an altruistic bend. Some, even some within the halls of power of the three kingdoms themselves, seek to find the source of this ancient power to use for themselves, to set up a new Doth Fer Arin and rule as the new Dothi King, a new Technomancer.

The Last Reign of the Technomancer

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